OnePlus 7 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs OnePlus 7 Pro Full Comparison including hands-on Size, Display, Design, Camera, Battery & Price.
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The OnePlus 7 Pro features a 6.67” Fluid AMOLED Display with 90Hz refresh rate, Triple Cameras, 48MP Primary, Telephoto and Ultra Wide, In-display…


  • Any difference if I bought the OnePlus 7 pro 6 gig / 128 gig version vs. 8GB 256gb? Like from a performance standpoint I would think that would both perform the same. The 6gb/128gb is on sale for$499

  • Samsung phones have more realibility, by the way i like oneplus 7pro in starting but how i dont know s10+won my heart im loving it and specially prism white we get bixby,google assistant too,alexa also not siri?but its a great value 7pro is verry big in size and s10+is ok in hands i personally feel that s10+is a simple value for money getting to much in price?

  • I just bought the OnePlus 7 Pro, it will arrive in a few days. I am currently the owner of a Samsung S8+, and I love this phone. BUT……. screen burn is a big HUGE problem with the Samsung. Mine is bad that when I’m on another sight the previous sight shows up in the background.

  • What's the point of making lengthy videos where you end talking about the specs rather than actual tests? JerryRigsEverything is the only YouTuber with quality content

  • I just bought a OnePlus and I really really love it, EXCEPT I get fuzz when people speak in phone calls. Doesn't matter if I use ear buds or not. You are comparing phones that are diff prices though.

  • Battery, screen, camera, sound, wireless charging, ultrasonic fingerprints, and more the s10 plus is juste butter in every thing, you can't compare the s10 to op7 pro its not the same category, but the op7 pro is a good phone its comparable to other Chinese thing like mi9 or oppo maybe even Huawei, it just a fact. Good video anyway.

  • Tie because you can't root Samsung lmao jk the galaxy is definitely a more premium feeling phone but the one plus is nothing short

  • Not happy that I can't root my unlocked device. Will not be purchasing another Samsung due to this reason sucks because the phone itself is awesome. Smh. Hopefully one plus catches up by the time I switch again for now I'm stuck with a locked limited phone… thanks America and Samsung ….